It’s August!
Hello world! Can you believe it’s already August 2014? How quickly this time flies. Remember all the stuff we were worrying about an hour ago, a week ago, a month ago, a year ago… this life keeps moving forward. Time is moving fast. We can either fight that or flow with it!
Let’s challenge ourselves to bring positive energy to life situations this month. “Being in the positive” does not mean you are always happy, always in a good mood, always smiling… that’s not the goal. That’s not even practical. We have to have low points to go back to the high points. BUT being POSITIVE is about having that attitude of gratitude even when things feel hard. Start KNOWING that this universe is working in your favor. Everything is created with you in mind to get you to the next place!
We want to LEVEL UP!! Backwards is NOT a direction! Let’s be brave, and move forward! How can you help yourself today? Stop looking for outside sources to make you happy! Affirm YOURSELF today!
Here we go!!!
Let’s do this! See you out there
Sierra Boggess (x)
When you are the leading lady of a show, much is expected of you. So through the practice of yoga, I have found that I am able to be more flexible and handle more situations and BALANCE the amount of work and play I need to do as a person! It reminds me that that place of calm, quiet, stillness is always inside of me and I can access it at any time amidst chaos. You can return to the place within if you are nervous for an audition, opening night, interview whatever it may be.
Q: How has yoga helped your career on Broadway? (via thatslifeinthe-theatre)